The cosmetic revolution is happening: the beauty world is becoming more inclusive and sustainable. The priority? Expressing oneself.

The new trends speak for themselves: the beauty industry is changing direction in line with the requests of an increasingly demanding consumer. Respecting people and the environment: these are the new priorities.

The advent of the new generations (Millennials, Generation Z and Generation Alpha) and their stay on social media are the impetus for an epochal change that is affecting the entire society. What matters most is the expression of one’s individuality beyond stereotypes. We talk about: inclusivity, gender neutral, diversity, body positivity and skin positivity. 

Skin needs now have changed perspective and in addition to the functional aspect the focus is on product sustainability and gender inclusivity. In the post-covid era it seems obvious to say that people have placed more emphasis on personal care, but with an eye toward the environment. Beautiful, healthy, but most importantly sustainable. And now everyone can be!

A beauty that forgets perfection and gradually (thankfully) moves away from the stereotypes imposed by online society. Natural beauty, in all its forms, is preferred, and welcome a few imperfections, it’s part of the game! Body positivity is a pillar of inclusivity. What matters is to enhance the complexion and to know how to be healthy. A necessity that translates into the search for natural, organic, chemical-free products that care for and respect the skin. What matters is to be yourself.

Beauty, moreover, goes beyond the limits imposed by gender and there is more and more talk of “genderless.” The distinction between male and female is fading more and more in favor of the concept of inclusiveness that looks at the person and their needs. There is now a greater look at product formulation and skin characteristics, with a greater expectation of product performance and visible effects on the skin. Beauty is for everyone. 

But when did this revolution start?

From the 1990s, perfumery introduced the term “unisex” to define fragrances aimed at a larger audience of male and female. And today, even with regard to skincare, the term “unisex” has become part of the common vocabulary. True, men’s skin tends to be thicker and oilier, yet it can be treated with the same products used by the female audience. What matters is listening to the skin’s needs. Today, many men pay more attention to their own well-being, in combating acne, blemishes, wrinkles, etc.

We firmly believe that personal care should not be confined within rigid standards, which is why Origine is a face cream that pays attention to the needs of each person. True beauty lies in acceptance and self-love. Every human being has the right to feel free to express themselves as they think best. Origine is the face cream that enhances everyone’s beauty, regardless of age or gender. A cosmetic designed to be transversal, both in its formulation and in its neutral and minimal packaging, but 100% sustainable. 

Because in our opinion beauty lies in everyone, it is only up to us to know how to find it!