Symbol of strength and robustness. The red oak is such a tall and majestic tree capable of reaching 30 meters in height and it is also an excellent skin ally. It is primarily located in the northern hemisphere of the planet such as North America, Europe, part of Asian, Russia and a portion of northern Africa, tolerates cold and rainy climates but also semi-tropical and semi-desert climatic areas.

Few people know that the Red Oak is an ally of the skin. But why is it important to include red oak among the ingredients in everyone’s skincare routine? Let’s find out together.

The Oak, whose botanical name is Quercus Robur, is a tree belonging to the Fegaceae family. The name reflects the strength and majesty of the plant: “Quercus” means “beautiful tree,” while “Robus” means “strength”. Protection, strength and courage are the adjectives that most symbolize this enchanting tree. 

In addition to its beauty, the Red Oak is recognized for numerous properties, so much so that the whole tree is used. The main ones are anti-inflammatory, astringent, hemostatic, analgesic, antiseptic, febrifuge, and tonic. 

Bark, roots and acorns contain tannins such as chatechins and ellagitannins, flavonoids such as quercitin, and also resins and pectins. The phytocomplex of this tree also gives it useful properties with regard to its use in dermocosmetics as it is anti-inflammatory, a regulator against sebaceous secretions (thus good for oily skin) and it has healing activity. Red oak can be said to have disinfectant properties, anti-bacterial and helps to reduce stress by favoring rest.

Red oak is one of the 4 active ingredients in the formulation of Origine face cream, which we remember is 100% natural and free of parabens or silicones. It is suitable for all skin types and provides a pleasant sense of relief through deep hydration.