Taking on a sustainable lifestyle is really within anyone’s reach. It is a matter of making small choices and making a few changes to one’s lifestyle with an eye toward the environment. 

We often buy unconsciously, without taking in mind what we buy, how often and where we throw away the waste. And there goes the pollution.

Taking care of ourselves is imperative, but it may not necessarily benefit the planet as well. So today we are going to guide you, through a few practical tips, toward a more sustainable skincare routine. 

First, the packaging: pay attention to the material and make sure it is 100% recyclable, even better if it is compostable. 

Eliminate disposable products as much as possible. One example? You can use convenient washable makeup remover pads instead of disposable cotton ones. Definitely more sustainable. Or a very latest trend are the innovative solid products, free of plastic packaging. 

Formulation: most important for skin wellness and often underestimated. Prefer 100% natural ingredients, even better if they come from organic agriculture (don’t worry you don’t need a magic ball to know this, you will find all the necessary information in the label).

However, good habits are also about every single daily gesture. 

Every day starts with a good coffee and go for a morning skincare routine, right?

Cleansing your skin is the first and fundamental step in a proper skincare routine, but it is during this step that you risk falling into environmentally harmful mistakes. Remember not to waste excessive water and turn off the tap while cleansing. 

After finishing this first step there may be many more before moisturizing, however again it turns out to be an environmentally unfriendly choice: so many products = so much packaging. Reduce skincare to the essentials: your skin and the environment don’t really need an overload of products to feel good, plus you only need small amounts to be effective anyway. 

But moisturizing is important both day and night, however even then you don’t necessarily need two types of face creams, one is enough and is also an eco-friendly choice.

1/2 times a week exfoliating or applying a face mask is good for you: in this case go towards natural and organic formulations, or make them at home with a few simple steps, just open the pantry and combine the ingredients best suited to your skin’s needs: choose from honey, olive oil, aloe vera and many others. 

We chose to adopt a sustainable lifestyle from the beginning: our face cream has a 100% natural formulation, with 4 simple ingredients: pomegranate, olive oil, red oak and lavender, each with a specific function. Made to listen to most every skin’s needs, regardless of gender. A soft, silky texture and light to the touch, with a delicate lavender scent that is so gentle. Then encased in minimal packaging made from plant and wood waste, 100% compostable.

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