Nature and science meet in the new 2022 trend: cleanical beauty, from CLEAN + CLINICAL. 

This approach is based on two fundamental principles: 1) transparent, natural and safe formulas 2) scientific research and innovation to ensure efficacy and increase product performance, including through the demonstration of clinical trials. 

A new way to take care of your skin, with a focus on sustainability. Skincare is now tinged with green and the products have eco-sustainable packaging, in addition to containing natural active ingredients. Encouraging the circular economy by reusing natural waste materials: Origine face cream, for example, has organic and compostable packaging made from plant and wood waste, made of Sulapac material. 

However, many consumers express perplexity about the actual effectiveness of the products. Natural yes, but do they really work?

The answer is affirmative. In nature lie all the answers to every human need, the performance of which is guaranteed by research, studies, technological innovation and clinical trials. It is the synergy between the active ingredients (those ingredients that actively act on improving the condition of the skin) that guarantees the effectiveness of the product. 

A natural product formulation is plant-based with no silicones added, parabens, fragrances, coloring agents or preservatives, so that even the most sensitive skin is respected.

Our Origine face cream comes FROM NATURE TO YOUR SKIN!

Research, passion and innovation have resulted in a formula composed of only natural ingredients that is safe and effective, and ideal for all skin types. Oh, and it is gender neutral! Inclusivity and sustainability are two founding pillars of our cosmetic line. Each ingredient has been carefully chosen to meet specific needs, and comes from carefully selected crops that implement responsible and sustainable production methods in line with our philosophy. 

What are the active ingredients in Origine face cream? 

Pomegranate is an exceptional antioxidant due to its high concentration of polyphenols. It fights the formation of free radicals, the aging process of the skin and stimulates cell regeneration. Ideal for preventing and combating wrinkles.

Lavender soothes the skin and helps healing as it promotes collagen synthesis and fibroblast differentiation. In addition, due to its calming power it acts against anxiety and stress. Therefore ideal for skin susceptible to inflammation and redness and for those who like the pleasant aroma of this plant.

Olive oil nourishes and moisturizes without greasiness, even oily skin, and creates a natural barrier that protects the skin from external agents. 

Red oak, rich in tannins, is a powerful anti-inflammatory with anti-viral and disinfectant properties. 

Origine face cream reveals the skin’s natural beauty for a green, plant-based, safe and effective skincare routine. Most importantly, zero-waste and sustainable.