October is just around the corner and the first cold weather is approaching: there is an air of change, but your skin may be affected by the change of season. In order to not give up a healthy and glowing skin, it is important to readjust your habits and think about a focused skincare routine to face winter and low temperatures. But we must remember: the perfect routine is built only if we listen to our skin’s needs!

Summer has stressed our skin enough with long exposures to sun, salt, wind and why not? Even chlorine. Skin, no matter what type, looks dull and tired. After the summer and the heavy stress suffered, may come blemishes, such as spots and pimples, but also dehydration can cause the skin to lose elasticity. 

Now, the air is cooling and it becomes drier, so it is necessary to equip ourselves with treatments to restore the right degree of skin hydration. In fact, the transition from warm to cold weather can generate discomfort to the skin: normal and sensitive ones suffer from dryness and disquamation, while for mixed/oily skin, the “rebound” effect can arise, that is an appearance of more pimples than normal, this is because the cold weather returns to stimulate sebum production by the sebaceous glands.

The skin, during the transition from one season to another goes through a transitional phase in which it adapts to the new climate, and this is completely normal. However, it is possible to implement some measures to better face the change of season.

Fall skincare involves a few small changes in one’s habits, but nothing impossible:

1) Key word: cleansing. Like any time of year, it is essential, however, it is good to listen to your skin. It is recommended to use a purifying cleanser to remove traces of makeup and smog, while for drier skin, a cleansing milk is more suitable. Next, you need to exfoliate your skin (about once a week) to get it free of dead cells and reveal the skin’s natural glow, so also to increase the effectiveness of following treatments. 

2) Do not forget to moisturize: face cream in this case plays a key role, especially if it is rich in substances with the ability to soothe and repair the skin from sun damage. 

With the arrival of cold weather, in fact, the amount of sebum and sweat is reduced, so there is a drastic decrease in skin hydration. Dry skin needs even more nourishment, so substances such as vitamin E and vitamin C (antioxidants) are recommended. Different skin types but one goal: moisturize, moisturize, moisturize.

Moisturizer represents the must-have skincare product for any skin type. This is why Origine face cream is formulated for satisfying all skin types. A rich, moisturizing texture thanks to the presence of olive oil and pomegranate that nourishes, repairs, and has an anti-oxidant and soothing effects. While red oak has a powerful anti-inflammatory action. Lavender is anti-microbial and gives a delicate and pleasant fragrance to the product, naturally!